Omnico Distribution was founded in 2009 and it is part of the Polimark Group. The main activity of the company is the distribution of FMCG products of domestic and foreign brands on the territory of Serbia.

Our values

  • EXCELLENCE / We give our best
  • RESPECT / We value people
  • RELIABILITY / We keep our word
  • HONESTY / We do right things
  • RESPONSIBILITY / We face reality
  • PASSION / We are committed
  • KNOWLEDGE / We are constantly learning experts

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We are committed to the continuous preservation, protection and improvement of the quality of the environment and therefore regularly plan and implement activities that have significant economic, social and sustainable results. Additionally, we cooperate with Sekopak, because we are an environmentally conscious and responsible company.


We are aware that the prosperity of a company depends on its employees and we have developeded a system for monitoring and developing the careers of employees, as well as a system of rewards and benefits. We encourage employees to communicate openly and freely present ideas that can stimulate the development of our company.


One of the biggest goals is daily engagement in the prevention of accidents, injuries and illnesses related to the work environment, as well as the protection of all employees and business partners involved in our company's value chain.

Our Services


The main effort of the Omnico company is the distribution of FMCG products of domestic and foreign brands on the territory of Serbia.

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Thanks to the large number of salesmen and merchandisers on the Serbian market, we are able to offer you our services.

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By constantly improving and educating our employees, we have developed an extremely strong marketing team, which can support you in organizing ATL and BTL marketing activities.

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Logistics services are based on the warehousing of goods in ambient conditions and on the commission and declaration of goods.

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Alka company (Elephant brand maker) has awarded a diploma for excellence as a confirmation of satisfactory cooperation and realization of our common goal.

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Start of distribution of Fructus teas

Start of distribution of Fructus teas, which with its long tradition and high, controlled quality, has positioned itself among the leaders in the production […]

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Omnico has organized and implemented a campaign called “Elephant” – an incredibly flat pretzel which has encompassed outdoor advertising such as bilboards, backlights and citylights, as well as a Youtube campaign.

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