About us


Omnico Distribution was founded in 2009 and it is part of the Polimark Group. The main activity of the company is the distribution of FMCG products of domestic and foreign brands on the territory of Serbia.

About Us

By sublimating knowledge and experience from a large number of product categories, we are able to offer our clients effective solutions to improve the market position for existing products, as well as launching new products.

We are focused on constantly improving the quality of our services in order to provide our clients with a significant advantage on the market and enable efficient implementation of their planned activities.

We cooperate with all the largest customers in Serbia and are among the top 50 suppliers for each of them. With direct distribution we cover 6000 MPO representing about 80% of the weighted distribution,  while for covering the rest of the market, which covers 450 petrol stations as well, we create an appropriate route to market model with our subdistributors and wholesalers.

Our advantages are:

  • A professional sales team
  • Efficient logistics
  • Good cooperation with customers
  • Quality and efficient organization of marketing activities
  • Good stock management and product quality care in all segments of the supply chain

This way, we give principals the best path to the end consumer and meet their needs.


Our mission is to provide a full service to our clients in the supply chain, with constant introduction of innovations, improvements of service quality, usage of new technologies, and the continuous improvement of the processes.

Our values

  • EXCELLENCE / We give our best
  • RESPECT / We value people
  • RELIABILITY / We keep our word
  • HONESTY / We do right things
  • RESPONSIBILITY / We face reality
  • PASSION / We are committed
  • KNOWLEDGE / We are constantly learning experts